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Featherfoot Farm Journal Fall 2006

Here we stand, like an Adam and an Eve, waterfalls, Garden of Eden.
Two fools in love, so beautiful and strong.
Birds in the trees smiling upon them.
--Talking Heads, (Nothing But) Flowers

On the Farm We love all the seasons but fall is our favorite, warm days and cold nights with no bugs. It's nature's new year; a time of change and new beginnings.
The garden has just a few hardy vegetables left (collards, kale, carrots and leeks.) We canned jam, dilly beans and pickles and stored squash, pumpkins and rutabagas in the root cellar. As the garden disappears, the animals come in from the pastures after six months of living on grass. They return to the barn for hay, grain and warmth.
The kids like to think about all the things we grow or make on the farm, from yogurt, cheese, milk and eggs to bread, jam, maple candies and soap, and we like to pass by so many items at the grocery store knowing we have it at home. We have had enough extras to put up a sign at the end of our road advertising the sale of our surplus goods and have enjoyed meeting neighbors and friends over these encounters.
This is our two year anniversary at the farm. We have so much to be thankful for. Sharing the farm with family and friends has provided us with great joy. Without you all we would be lonely in this world. We are thankful for the land, the animals, the fruits and the vegetables and the nourishment they provide.
When you grow and make your own food you develop a deeper appreciation for what you are eating. When you light the fire in your own woodstove you develop a deeper appreciation of its warmth. The daily rituals and rhythms of farm life invite us into the present moment.
Some wonderful moments we'd like to share with you are: finding our missing miniature horse after she wandered away for twenty-four hours; one of our chickens, Plum, roosting in a tree apart from the flock in the coop no matter how foul the weather; our female Great Pyrenees Dog, Panda, with two whole, unbroken eggs in her mouth looking at us with a rueful face; four kittens and their mother sleeping on top of one of our dogs for warmth; and recently being without electricity and all its distractions for three days.
Wishing you love and peace now and in the New Year.

In The Kitchen Good Granola
Mix: 2 c oatmeal, 2/3 c wheat germ, 1 c raisins, 1 c sunflower seeds, 1 c powdered milk, 2 t cinnamon.
Add: 4 T honey, 4 T oil, 2 t vanilla.
Spread on cookie sheet.
Bake at 375 for 8-10 min.

Max at the summit of Penobscot Mountain, Acadia National Park

Haley with her award-winning Jersey at the Blue Hill Fair

Dan, Emily and Ruby at Mike DeLuca'Äôs wedding (That's as dressed up as we get!)

Max in full Halloween garb

Laddy chillin'

Kid Watch

Haley 10 years 3 months

Laddy 8 years 10 months

Max 6 years 8 months

Ruby 2 years 4 months


Reading your blog, I was reminded of a pear tree that we had in our yard for many years. Good pears, except for the worms. I often thought of how much tastier those pears were, compared to the ones from the market. But one day, a branch from that tree tore a flap of flesh from my scalp as a passed under it on my riding mower. So I cut down that tree. Haven't had a decent pear since, although cutting the grass is much easier now.

Hello Dan, Emily and kids! Just going back and reading again about your wonderful home. You all look great! Keeping warm down here in Shapleigh... Hope you are all well this winter. Take care ~ Jo

Nice web-journal. Great pictures. See you and the fam on Christmas.

What a great web-journal. You guys look great and we can't wait to come and visit.

Love, C

I love all of your news & your farm!! I'll always remember the day I arrived there & you're moving in with big truck. I sure hope to come up for visit soon before I go back Canada!

Love Sandy

Hey you guys,
Loved all of the news. I wish you had a camera ready when Panda showed up with two eggs in her/his mouth!

Check out our oudated website, completely designed by Jacqueline. www.underwoodphoto.com

Love to all!

splendid job!

wish you and yours a merry christmas and happy new year!

Rhyse would like a date with Ruby!! What a cutie pie!! Steph

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