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A Filly is Born!

06.15.09 Well we knew it was coming but these things are so often not easy to tell. Needless to say it was quite a surprise while doing morning chores to see a new little one already standing albeit a little shaky. In no time at all the filly was up and running and most importantly nursing well. Here are some images from the first few hours.


The new baby is adorable!!! She looks a lot like Summer Solstice!!! Your horses are awesome!!!! :)

It is so exciting to have one of our own working at your beautiful farm (Greggory). I am an obsessive composter and gardener who is not quite all organic but mostly. Looking for your address so we can write Greg! Say hello to Greg for us. Lois Feltham

Congrats! I love getting these updates. As someone else said, it's life reaffirmed. She's a beauty, but, one quick question, what's her name? Again, congratulations and my best to the family.

Thanks for sharing. i am also amazed on how they can just get up and move so early in life.

We can't wait to see the filly and are looking forward to our visit with all of you!

Simply the marvels of life. Whats her name?? Thanks for sharing!!

Wow! How beautiful!!!!!!!
Love you guys,
Dina xox

How beautiful!!!!! How far are you guys from Portland? WE want to come see it!!!!

I enjoy your journal from afar
A beautiful baby for all to enjoy. I can never get over how one day it can be 100% dependant in Mama's safe belly and the next be free standing as an individual.

another life affirming experience..thanks for sharing...and congrats grandpa !

Hi Dan
Wow that's great, congratulations on your new rook!

I love the shot showing all her whiskers and the ones showing that she's all legs... sweet, sweet....

Thanks so much for sharing this special event.

That is nice, Dan. But could you please post more pictures of your tractor?

A few hours!! That filly already looks well as if he (or is it a she?) is a few weeks old! Congratulations!

What a beautiful Filly! It is truly amazing how quickly a horse can be up, running and getting about while we are absolutely helpless at that age and for many months after! A wonderful gift for the family farm, indeed!

She's a bute! Congrats.

Hope you are all well.

Miss you guys!


Life is a miracle. She is so sweet! Hal and I keep going back to view these pictures with smiles on our faces.


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